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Shipping & Returns
Shipping estimates for the methods available may extend past the amount of days listed. This is due to many factors, including your location, time the order was placed, weather, and your local customs. This is more of a possibility for customers located outside the US and Canada.

Note to Customers Outside the US and Canada:
If the international shipping method you have selected is not available in your area, we will either; downgrade your shipping and refund the difference, or contact you if the shipping needs to be upgraded.

International shipping time in the amount of days listed on our site, is based on the service method name and/or trademark. For this reason the actual expected ship times are not listed on the shipping page during checkout.
These are our international shipping estimates based on our experience with these methods, and the time you may encounter depending on your distance to the US:
Priority International 6 - 20 Days
Express International 2 - 10 Days

The following statement is from the asileFX Conditions and License Agreement, for more detailed information please visit the "Conditions and License" page:

§3 Return of products/training materials/gifts/tuition costs
(1) The buyer has a return option if the sealed products/training materials/gifts (shrink-wrap and/or AsileFX seal) are unopened with no damage to shrink wrap/seal. Notice of non-acceptance and mailed return shipment has to be given to AsileFX within 2 weeks of order date.
(2) The risk (damage, loss) of returning the products/training materials/gifts lies with the buyer. As far as the delivered goods correspond with product titles ordered, the buyer will pay for the return shipment.
The buyer will make sure the products are properly and adequately protected during return shipment.
(3) The return option will never apply to Digital Media Files (see definition: §8-1) which are obtained per Download or per Electronic Software Delivery (ESD).
(4) Individualized or personalized licenses or products are generally excluded from the return option.
(5) If the DVD/CD Disc is not compatible with your computer, operating system, or any other components connected to your computer, we are not held liable nor held responsible. We have tested our DVD's/CDs on many systems and have found them highly compatible with both Mac OS and Windows OS, and on many types of DVD/CD drives, but if it is not compatible the product is non-returnable or refundable. Although if you contact AsileFX will do our best to get the product(s) working on your system.
(6) If the Disc arrives damaged, corrupted, or blank, a replacement will be sent free of charge. Damaged (or like) products do not need to be returned to AsileFX, unless a request by AsileFX is made to do so.

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