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Introduction to 3DS Max $45.00
144 Minutes 1024 x 768 QT7 308MB


Need a jump start with 3ds MAX? Then this is the training for you.

Instructor Gavin Goulden will take you trough the many major features of 3ds MAX 8; and with 144 minutes of training, you'll be animating and modeling amazing creations in no time.

Includes an Autorun Menu UI for easy navigation through the tutorial.

Chapters and Topics

About the tutorial
Setting Up the Workspace
Locating Key Features
Creating and Manipulating Objects
Create Tab
Different Types of Objects
Creating Standard Primitives
Adjusting Properties
Naming Objects
Selecting Objects
Select By Name
Selection Marquee Types
Select and Manipulate
Selection Sets
Modifier Tab
Applying Modifiers
Configuring Modifier Sets
Selection Modes
Soft Selection
"Edit" Panel
Edit Geometry Panel
Smoothing Groups
Subdivision Surfaces
Display Tab
Hiding and Unhiding Geometry
Freezing Objects
Display Properties
Utilities Tab
Basic Utilities
Configuring Utility Sets
Customizing the UI
Basic Polygonal Modeling
Creating Primitive Objects
Editable Poly and Editable Mesh
In Depth Look at the Edit Panels and Tools
Create Edge
Select Ring
Create Edge Loop
Select Loop
Weld and Target Weld
Attach and Detach
Mirroring Objects
Axis Boxes
Using the Gizmo
Resizing windows
Display Modes
Groups and Layers
Grouping Objects Together
Linking and Unlinking
Materials, Lighting, and Rendering
Object Colours (Wireframe colours)
Bringing Up The Material Editor
Applying a Material to an Object
Material/Map Browser
Standard Materials
Sub-Object Materials
Shader Basic Parameters
Maps Panel
Applying Textures (Show example with premade character model)
Direct X Shaders
Scene Materials
Deleting Materials
Applying Checker Material
Applying a UVW Map Modifier
UV Editor Navigation
Customzing the UV Editor
Unwrap Theory
Basic Unwrapping (Planar, cylindrical, unfold mapping)
Collapsing the Stack
Creating Lights
Different Lights and their Parameters
Quick Render
Render Scene
Basic Rigging and Animation
Helpers Tab
Creating Dummys and Points
Using "Align"
Systems Tab
Creating Bones
Skin Modifier
Using Link
Explaining the Schematic View
Animation - Set Key
Animation- Auto Key
Creating Morph Targets
Deleting and Editing Keys
Setting Playback Options
Animating Objects Without A Rig
Curve Editor
Render Animation
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