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Advanced Particle Dynamics $74.00 $49.00
436 Minutes 1440 x 900 QT7 816MB


Are you a LightWave 3D 9 user needing a better understanding of LW's powerful dynamic particle system? Then Advanced Particle Dynamics is the perfect training for you.

With over 7 hours of in-depth training, you'll learn everything there is to know about creating complex particle effects in LightWave 3D.

Includes scene files to help you understand the workings of compelling visual effects.

Instructed by, Nicholas Pellegrino.

Learn to:
Control emitters, global wind, gravity, and collisions.
Create objects for the FX Linker and customize its controls.
Create control groups and maximize your effect control.
Apply HyperVoxels and setup real-time OpenGL previews.

Includes an HTML Autorun Menu UI for easy navigation through the tutorial.
Click on the image below to view the online HTML Menu page.


Chapters and info:
Chapter 1.
23:54 HV vs. Partigon Emitters
Chapter 2.
32:40 Introduction to Controlling Emitters
Chapter 3.
27:57 Global Wind and Gravity
Chapter 4.
22:27 Collision Objects
Chapter 5.
25:26 Parent Emitters
Chapter 6.
38:50 Parent Emitters - Collision Control
Chapter 7.
29:21 Advanced Grouping - Texture Control
Chapter 8.
28:25 Polygonal Object Emitters
Chapter 9.
34:39 Polygonal Object Collisions
Chapter 10.
31:19 Introduction to FX Linker
Chapter 11.
28:12 FX Linker Explosion Part 1
Chapter 12.
44:04 FX Linker Explosion Part 2
Chapter 13.
50:21 Advanced Emitter Operations
Chapter 14.
18:33 OpenGL Emitter Display Previews
View screen shots from this training product: (Image sizes may be reduced)
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