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Carbon Scatter Essentials and Advanced Techniques includes 11 training lessons (6 hours 26 minutes), starting with the first five lessons "Carbon Scatter Essentials" you'll learn to control Carbon Scatter's material editor, material types, painter, and the function editor. Ffollowing the essentials are six more lessons including "Advanced Techniques" and the "Structure scene."
Instructed by Nicholas Pellegrino.

Learn to colorize instances, change cs plant shaders, and optimize multi-pass outputs like depth, object buffers, and motion vector. Learn to control advanced functions using native objects from your scenes to manipulate EcoSystem placement and density. Setup advanced lighting to control ecosystem environments separately from the rest of the scene. Create LOD ecosystem layers controlled by object positions in the scene. Learn optimization techniques to improve population speed and system response. Create dummy population objects to replace memory hungry geometry, by rendering altitude and slope texture maps of your scenes. Create a metanode function to decay ecosystems near objects in the scene. Plus many more techniques...

This training was produced with Carbon Scatter for Cinema 4D. If you are using a host application other than Cinema 4D, some techniques may require alternative setups specific to your application of choice.

Essentials Advanced Techniques Structure scene
Instructor Run Time Media Format Video Resolution Download File Size
Nicholas Pellegrino 6h 26m MP4 1920 x 1080 956 MB (.zip)
Carbon Scatter Essentials
1] CS Plant scale and units
2] Material population controls
3] Global Ecosystem and Painter
4] Creating and controlling functions.p1
5] Creating and controlling functions.p2
Advanced Techniques

1] Decay falloff, LOD setups, and MetaNodes

2] Lighting and Rendering
Structure Scene

1] Path Tiles

2] Grass and rocks
3] Scene optimization.p1
4] Scene optimization.p2
Training screen shots
(images downsized for online viewing)
Structure scene:
Advanced rotation function
Advanced techniques:
Decay near native objects tool
Advanced techniques:
Eco controlled by native object size and position
Function controlled slope and instance population
Carbon Scatter painter
Structure scene:
Structure scene render
Structure scene:
Gravel EcoSystem
Published custom function
Suggested Knowledge Level:
E-on Certified Training
No prior knowledge of carbon scatter needed for this training.
Playback Requirements:
CPU: 1.5 GHz +
Memory: 512 MB +
HD Space: 1 GB +
Any browser capable of running Flash Player 9+. Or any media player capable of playing MP4 video.
Navigation and menus are HTML.
Video files may be run with a media player.
(See Installation and Codecs for more information about the MP4 format)

Mozilla Firefox and Flash 10 are recommended but not required.
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