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Brush Bundle
Brush Bundle
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1792 PSD + JPG ZBrush, Vue, Photoshop 1.8 GB
 Royalty Free Textures (see the asileFX License Agreement for details)
Included Brush Collections
Terrain and Landscape Brush Kit
Terrain & Landscape Brush Kit
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The Terrain and Landscape brush kit makes terrain detailing and material painting a quicker process with realistic results.

The kit contains 217 brushes in 11 categories. Each brush is available in two versions and formats, PSD and JPG, standard and inverted, respectively. Brushes range in pixel size from 1024 x 1024 pixels to 1500 x 1500 pixels. The PSD versions of the brushes are 16-bit, allowing you to add more fine details to high-resolution models.

Brushes have been optimized for ZBrush and Vue with additional compatibility for most applications, more information can be found in the PDF reference guide, located in the downloadable sample pack. The reference guide shows every brush included in the collection, plus a 3d sculpted model to show what the brush can do.

Sample Kit & Reference Guide
(50 MB .zip)
Brush Catagories
 Circle  Cracks  Detail
 Erode  Peaks  Rocks
 Rock Slab  Shaping  Small Stones
 Square Rock  Strata  
1500 Alpha Brushes
1500 alpha Brushes
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1575 brushes, textures, patterns, shapes, and designs. 512 x 512 pixels
Thumbnail Reference Guides
Includes two quick reference thumbnail guides. These PDF guides show normal and inverted versions of the brushes. Some computer monitors will not display details contained within certain luminosity ranges; the inverted versions can help show details within these ranges, or just give you another way to view the brushes depending on how your eyes have been trained to view images.
Normal Display Version
Inverted Display Version
Brush Catagories
 Cross  Electric Edge  Electric Fur
 Grainy  Hard > Grainy  Hard > Round
 Hard > Shape  Hard > Splotches  Hard > Square
 Mechanical  Raised Edge  Round
 Round Pattern  Scribbles  Shape
 Smear  Smooth Edge  Smooth Shapes
 Soft  Soft Splotches  Splotchy
 Splotchy > Soft  Square  Square Pattern
 Texture > Round  Texture > Square  
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