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Seamless Bark
Seamless Bark
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      229    94    JPEG    Color, bump, alpha, diffusion    488 MB (.zip)

Featuring 94 amazing bark textures for creating realistic natural scenes.

    In this collection you will find the following bark patterns:
    • Tessellated
    • Twisted
    • Gnarled
    • Ironbark
    • Furrowed
    • Smooth
    • Fractured
    • Fissured

For optimal image quality and application compatibility, all 229 texture maps are provided in JPEG format with highest quality settings.

Includes color and bump maps, plus additional bonus maps including alpha, diffusion, and normal.

Image resolution: (1600x1200 average) up to 3264x2448

Variations of textures with distinguishing features are also provided. These variations allow you to mix these textures as part of the same material, allowing you to define exactly where more noticeable elements will show.

If you are looking for gnarled or twisted bark surfaces, well, your in luck! This collection contains many naturally distorted textures to fit your various needs.

Textures not limited for use only as bark, this collection is very versatile and can be used to create a vast range of material surfaces.

 Royalty Free Textures (see the asileFX License Agreement for details)
Rendered Examples
For PC, Mac, and Linux  
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