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$39.00 $29.00
Download Size: 381 MB
Updated on May 27th 2010 for improved compatibility with xStream in host applications (correcting the image read error of png files for proxy material alphas, also improving render quality and flicker reduction). Current users can re-download the product from their asileFX accounts to receive the update.
If your download has expired, please contact asileFX for a link reset.
This product is also available as part of the Amazing Vegetation Bundle

50 High-Resolution SolidGrowth Plant Species. Includes ecosystem optimized versions of every plant, 100 plants in all.

All image maps were created from unique source photographs and scans, providing as much realism as possible.

All vegetation material channels include Color, Bump, and Transparency image maps. 36 primary plants include Highlight/Specular image maps.

All image maps are .png files incorporated into the .veg files, these maps can be extracted and applied to any material or saved for usage in other applications.

Material Image Map Bit-Depths:
[Color 8-bit RGB] [Bump, Transparency, and Highlight are 16-bit Grayscale]
PDF Reference and technical information
For in-depth information about the collection, click here to download the PDF reference.
The Groundcover Collection Includes:
6 Clover, 2 flowering
4 Flowers
11 Grasses
7 Small Plants
12 Weeds
10 Weed group clusters
Includes a size comparison chart and ecosystem size ratio conversions, found on the last page of the PDF reference guide.
Two quality versions
The image to the right is of Grass number 8, included with the collection. Listed below are the primary differences between the different quality versions of the vegetation. In some cases the highlight amounts have also been adjusted to improve ecosystem quality.
Normal (High-res)
Image Maps Size: 4749 x 1253
File Size: 27.8 MB
Bump Depth: .4
Memory Load Time: 5 Seconds
Ecosystem Quality
Image Maps Size: 1350 x 356
File Size: 2.3 MB
Bump Depth: .6
Memory Load Time: .25 Seconds
Vue Complete, Pro Studio, Frontier, and Esprit user compatibility.
The following plant species are included with Vue Infinite and xStream.

The following "official" plant species are required to use this collection:

Acacia Tree Seedling Alocasia Bamboo Bush 1 Crawling
Ficus Foeniculum Lily of the Valley Long Grass
Primrose Red Flowers Small Grassfield Plant Small Grassfield Plant 3
  Sorrel Vitex Angus Castus  
* The Botanica Module is also required for Esprit users.
* This collection is NOT compatible with Vue Pioneer.
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