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Bump & Normal Carvings
Bump & Normal Carvings
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Total Images Textures Image Format Map Types Download File Size
1262 304 TIFF Bump, Normal, Alpha, Diffusion 320 MB (.zip)
Inlay beautiful designs into your 3D models with asileFX | Bump & Normal Carvings.
304 patterns and designs, 1262 images in all. Includes bump and normal map primary textures, along with aged diffusion and detail maps. Textures can also be used as material alphas for outstanding looking surfaces.
Even with the most intricate models, not having the right textures can make them seem bland. If you want your models and animations to stand out above the rest, this collection is for you.
With Bump & Normal Carvings you can combine and layer multiple maps for the most astonishing results. Add age, increase fine lines, round the edges. Every map has multiple layer maps for more control of your carvings and inlays. All maps are provided in TIFF format and are Royalty Free.
Bump & Normal Carvings seamless texture collection contains, 304 Bump / Alpha Primary Design Surfaces, 402 Tangent Space Normal Maps, 516 Aged Diffusion and Detail Maps.
The collection has five different categories of patterns and shapes, each for results specific to your design needs.
512 x 512 pixels
Add detailed bevels to any edge.
414 Images
1024 x 1024 Pixels
For cylindrical type objects and surfaces.
103 Images
1024 x 256 & 1024 x 512 Pixels
For elongated objects and tiling
387 Images
Small Trim
512 x 512 Pixels
When you need small edge accents or a lower res solution.
174 Images
1024 x 1024 Pixels
For large surfaces.
184 Images
Rendered Example
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