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Run Time Video Resolution Video Format Instructor Download File Size
5h 14m 1280 x 720 px MP4 / Flash Nick Pellegrino 777 MB (.zip)
Includes textures, scene files, and photoshop templates.
122 MB of project content
About the asileFX City Creation training series.

The City Creation series is a step by step project training series teaching the techniques and workflow needed to create towns and large scale city scenes. Throughout the series you will learn hundreds of techniques covered in several applications. As the series grows, so will the amount of applications covered. Learn to perform similar tasks between applications, thus, removing integration barriers, expanding application features, providing alternative methods if one fails, and allow users to create the project scenes, even if access to a covered application is not readily available.

Sneak peak, coming soon!
Mograph 2, Vue xStream integration, and more!
City Creation - Volume 1
Building Textures, UV Mapping, and Modeling

Learn to create amazing looking buildings with a small amount of polygons, using realistic materials and shaders created from texture maps (Color, Normal, Diffuse, Bump, and Displacement). For game design, Pre-viz for object replacement, or instancing over large areas.

Volume one is over 5 hours in length, with 3 hours and 26 minutes dedicated to training in Photoshop, and 1 hour and 48 minutes in Cinema 4D.

Chapter 1
Modeling and UV Mapping
Part 1
Modeling Low-Poly Buildings
Cinema 4D
Part 2
UV Mapping - Walls
Cinema 4D
Part 3
UV Mapping - Roof
Cinema 4D

In chapter one you will learn to create memory efficient buildings for large scale scenes. These models can then be easily pieced together to create an unlimited number of building structures. Learn to model, create selection tags, and design UV maps for the primary building structures.

One building is then selected for the project and broken down into 3 UV selections, one uv for the outside wall polygons and 2 for the roof model. These UV textures are then saved as tiff files and ready for customization in Photoshop (Chapter 2 & 3)

Part 1. Model 3 buildings exploring different modeling techniques and roof types.

Part 2. Create the building wall UV map and save the UV texture.

Part 3. Create the building roof and roof trim UV maps and UV textures. Create polygon selection tags for material distribution and join the roof and wall models into one object.

Chapter 2
Creating Wall Textures
Part 1
Custom Brick Textures
Part 2
Painting Layer Masks
Photoshop / C4D
Part 3
Doors and Windows
Part 4
Brick, Masks, & Color Variations
Part 5
Color & Diffusion Maps
Photoshop / C4D
Part 6
Bump and Normal Maps
Photoshop / C4D

Using the UV texture outlines created in Chapter 1 (or using the included content if you are not a C4D user), Chapter 2 covers the creation of all needed maps to create the wall material (Color, Bump / Displacement, Diffusion, Normal). Setup layered TIFF files for fast material setup in Cinema 4D or any compatible application. Setup lighting and preview renders of each map every step of the way.

Part 1: Learn to create seamless brick textures from scratch, using Photoshop filters, custom patterns, layer styles, and layer blends. Next you'll learn to mix your brick designs with seamless textures derived from photographs or other methods to add realism (includes several concrete and wall seamless textures).

Part 2: Use additional seamless textures to customize the brick texture layer. Setup a material cover layer to go over the brick structure. Setup texture blends and paint layer mask distributions.

Part 3: Time to add windows and doors to the UV map. Learn to use pre-existing texture groups (Color, Bump, Diffuse, and Normal - Included with the training), preserving and matching scale changes to the textures and cut down on the time needed to create additional maps. Learn techniques to mix these textures with your walls and create realistic feature blends.

Part 4: Scale and modify brick layers. Cut out feature dependent masks with the quick selection tool. Learn quick color variations techniques to avoid drab color maps. Use selection masks to control layer styles and add realism.

Part 5: Finalize the wall color map and begin converting layers and styles to create diffusion maps. Add extra stylization and features for independent layer customization only needed when working with diffusion maps. Add realistic features around windows and doors. Also, learn how to create ambient occlusion layers and optimize layer masks for your diffusion map(s).

Part 6: Learn to break down the original layer structure of the material and create height based texture maps. These height maps can be used to control the Bump, and Displacement material channels, and also provide a perfect image for creating normal maps. Using the nVidia normal map filter for Photoshop, create building normal maps and make your model come to life.

(Note: the nvidia filter is available only for PC users; however, these techniques and the final height output can be used with any normal generation program. Web links are included to free solutions for both PC and Mac users.)

Chapter 3
Creating Roof Textures and Reusable Templates
Part 1
Bump and Normal Maps
Photoshop / C4D
Part 2
Color and Diffusion Maps
Photoshop / C4D
Part 3
Details and Displacements
Cinema 4D / PS
Part 4
Sectional Roof Masking
Photoshop / C4D

Learn to create reusable templates for designing roof texture maps (Color, Bump, Normal, Diffusion, and Displacement). In Cinema 4D add extra polygon details to roof tops for shaders and normal map highlights. Setup Cinema 4D materials and lighting, then render out the results.

Part 1: Design roof tiles with photoshop styles and filters to create your first roof template. Learn to shift tiles for the most realism possible and create roof tops for all your models with no two the same. Use the resulting height maps to create normal maps.

Part 2: Mix seamless textures (provided with training project content) and create color and diffusion maps for your roof surfaces. Use layer styles and mixing methods from your template designs to create fine and large scale details throughout your maps.

Part 3: Using textures from the previously designed maps, create and setup the roof edge UV material (Color, Normal, Bump, Diffusion). Using non-destructive uv modeling tools to add polygons where needed to enhance the model without having to edit the polygon UV map. Setup sub-polygon displacement mapping on the roof material and polygon selection for close-up renders.

Part 4: Create your second roof tile template. Quickly generate masks from UV line layers and efficiently create sectioned roof tops. Generate normal maps and render the roof model.

Chapter 4
Adding Elements - Modeling and UV Mapping
Part 1
Chimney & Building Sides
Cinema 4D
Part 2
Stairs & Edge Techniques
Cinema 4D / PS

Model and setup UV mapping for 3 new building elements. Avoid the need to create new textures and take advantage of current materials.

Part 1: Model a chimney and add addition to the side of your building. Design new UV maps existing within the texture space of the wall and roof materials. Extend the roof trim polygons and setup additional UV tiles.

Part 2: Model stairs to lead up to the building door. Setup the stair UV map within the wall texture material space. Learn normal mapping and material techniques eliminating the need for additional edge polygons on low-polygon models.

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Suggested Knowledge Level:
No previous knowledge of Cinema 4D or Photoshop required.
System Requirements: Note:
CPU: 1.5 GHz +
Memory: 512 MB +
HD Space: 1 GB +
Any browser capable of running Flash Player 9+.
Navigation and menus are HTML.
Video files may be run with a media player.
(See Installation and Codecs for more information about the MP4 format)

Mozilla Firefox and Flash 10 are recommended but not required.
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