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Shrubs $19.00 $15.00
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20 SolidGrowth Shrubs and Bushes for Vue7+

High Resolution leaf and bark materials.


Also an amazing solution for "treecosystem" creation, as seen in the image to the right.
A treecosystem, is the result of using the technique of populating small plants and trees on to the branch
materials of leafless trees. This techniques creates amazingly realistic foliage in Vue.

In this scene a leafless tree has been populated with a shrub from this collection. The result is a highly
realistic leaf structure, with a defined set of geometry for every leaf. This tree with ecosystem totals to
over 27 million polygons, but is easily handled by vue. This technique is also compatible with the wind and
breeze system in vue.

This technique has been around since the creation of ecosystems. The name "Treecosystem" was
given to the technique by Nick Pellegrino, but was originally called "real trees," the lesson name in Tips n'
Tricks Volume three for Vue 6+. Click here to view the training product page.

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