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Vue 6 xStream LightWave 3D Integration $49.00 $39.00
265 Minutes 1440 x 900 QT7 764MB


Vue 6 xStream LightWave 3D 9 Integration is instructed by Nicholas Pellegrino.

Learn to match up environmental lighting between xStream and LW.
Learn what xStream and LightWave 3D are capable of, and how to correct issues
they are not capable of.
Learn about render settings and camera options for accurate renders.
Create the valley scene, as shown in the animation below, and properly
integrate HyperVoxels and LightWave the dynamics system into your Vue scenes.
Explore the xStream options panel and modify settings for the best integration possible.
Learn how to correctly keyframe the camera between each
program to avoid positional errors.
Learn about the different xStream OpenGL display options available within LW.
Understand the settings needed to create flicker free renders.

In the project based part of the tutorial, learn to create the following animation:
(QuickTime 7, QuickTime Alternative, or VLC Player are required to watch the videos)

Outline and Chapters:
General Integration
Part 1  
  Loading the xStream Plug-in.
  Vue Plug-in Panel Options.
  Camera Synchronization Problems and Solutions.
  Vue Scene Display Options.
Part 2  
  Lighting Synchronization.
  Global Light Scene Matching.
Part 3  
  Managing Reflective Object Renders
Valley Scene - Creation and Setup
Part 1  
  Creating the Valley with a Procedural Terrain.
  Painting the Valley Ecosystem.
  Editing the Atmospheric Light Settings.
Part 2  
  Optimizing the Vue OpenGL scene preview in Layout.
  Creating the Valley Terrain Collision Object.
Part 3  
  Setting up the Terrain Collision Dynamics.
  Creating the HV Emitter.
  Creating the Global Dynamic Wind.
  Refining and editing the main dynamic group.
Setting Up HyperVoxels
Part 1  
  Setting up the HyperVoxel Effects for the HV emitter.
  First look at HyperVoxel Render Limitations.
Part 2  
  Fixing the HyperVoxels Effect with Terrains.
Part 3  
  Calculating the Particles.
  Modifying the HyperVoxels to look like water.
Finalizing the Scene and Correcting HyperVoxels
Part 1  
  Animating the Camera Shake.
Part 2  
  Modeling and Surfacing the HV Fix Objects.
  Applying the HV Fix Objects.
  Modifying the scene for each compositing plate.
  Render Settings Needed to Eliminate Flickering.
  Finalizing HV Settings.
  Rendering out the Completed Scene.
View screen shots from this training product: (Image sizes may be reduced)
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