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352 MB of included project content.
(The training and content are split into 2 zip files for download orders.)
Project Renders
Productive Planning and Setups
Learn the planning process and stages to achieve optimal productivity when using dynamic population.
These methods are also extremely useful for standard population ecosystems.

Learn to break apart scenes into groups and improve system response and performance.

Create a camera control MetaNode to export and import camera vector data; also allows the locking of cameras to prevent accidental movement.
Use pre-viz plants and vegetation planning to speed up the creation process, and provide nearly instant previewing.
Learn a powerful technique to correctly convert procedural terrains into a standard terrains, drastically increasing render speeds, and eliminating geometry calculation.
Procedural Terrain
Render Time: 25m 33s
Standard Terrain with Conversion Technique
Render Time: 8m 24s
Render Settings:
Preset (Superior)    Lighting (Radiosity)    Resolution (1000 x 750)    Quality Boosts (0)
Setup custom dependencies and use terrain fractals and material settings to speed up the population process. Plan out ecosystem layers, and know what your ecosystem will look like before populating.
Dynamic Control
Create dynamically controlled population zones to preview your ecosystems in the openGL, without all the guessing or test renders, and without loosing your current geometry.

Learn to edit Ecosystem proxies using master objects.

Add or subtract from ecosystem populations, by creating metanodes that use objects to control the size and position of density layers.
Training Layout (Same as Flash embedded table of contents):
Length   Lesson Name
  Project Scene and Landscape Overview
  Planning Ecosystem Density Distributions
                Photoshop Layer Comparison
                Creating and Previewing New Distributions
                Terrain Optimization Conversion Technique
  Importing Camera Vectors
  Population Preview Zones
  Preparing Ecosystem Material Layers
                Converting Prep Layers to Ecosystem Layers
                Previz Vegetation Population
                Choosing Ecosystem Vegetation
  Adding Vegetation to Ecosystem Layers
  Advanced Zones and Controllers
                Editing Ecosystem Proxies
                Zone MetaNodes and Multiple Controllers
  The Final Scene Group
                Analyzing Scene Renders
                Terrain Conversion Technique - Adjustments

  System Requirements:

CPU: 1.5 GHz +

Memory: 512 MB +
HD Space: 1.5 GB +
Any browser capable of running Flash Player 10+.
Mozilla 3 and Flash Player 10 are recommended.
Training Menu and videos are run through a single HTML file.

Suggested Knowledge Level:
For Beginner to Advanced users.

Should have a basic understanding of the Vue 6 or 7 user interface.

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