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Tips n' Tricks Volume 1 $40.00
182 Minutes 1440 x 900 QT7 392MB


The Vue 6 Infinite / xStream Tips n´ Tricks series is a combination of project based scenes and learning techniques for Vue 6.

Each chapter in this training series is available for individual purchase, or as part of a main volume.

3 hours of training instructed by Nicholas Pellegrino.

Tips n´ Tricks Volume One contains the following three lessons of the Tips n´ Tricks Series.

Pre-viz Renders

In this lesson you will learn to use the many features available in Vue 6 for the purpose of pre-visualization renders.

Pre-visualizations, also known as animatics, are used to quickly preview and plan out your scene.

Learn to:
  Quickly render ecosystems
  Analyze wind effects options.
  Customize user render settings to speed up pre-viz renders
  Render frames in only a few seconds or less
Icicle Covered Trees

This lesson will teach you to create stunning icicle covered trees for all of your Vue winter scenes.

Learn to:
  Model icicles in 3rd-party polygon editing software.
  Model icicles with MetaBlobs.
  Modify trees for your winter scene.
  Create winter bark materials for your vegetation
  Edit tree ecosystems.
  Compile your trees together with terrains to create an amazing winter scene.
Custom Shapes and Logos with Spectral Clouds

Learn to customize spectral cloud layers to create any shape cloud you can think of. Use the new features in Vue 6.5 and blend cloud layers together and integrate any cloud shape into your existing sky.

Then learn how you can use spectral clouds to create animated logos and special effects layers.

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