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snowFlaKe v3
snowFlaKe v3
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Increase the power of Vue with advanced MetaNodes / Plug-ins and enhancements.

Compatible with Vue 9 and higher - xStream, Infinite, Complete, Studio*, Esprit*, Frontier*, and Pioneer.*
*Vue Studio, Esprit, Frontier, & Pioneer will require the Advanced Graph Module, available from

  snowFlaKe v3 Includes
147 Powerful MetaNodes / Plug-ins + Setups
  MetaNode Index (Complete list of all primary tools and containers.)
Tools can be easily accessed through the Function Editor right click MetaNode menus, or loaded in from the file picker. Snowflake v3 introduces several new MetaNode containers, each including node groups or time saving pre-arranged setups.
snowFlaKe v3 Manual (PDF)
  88 pages of tool info, examples, and important information about efficiently using Vue's graph and function editors.
snowFlaKe v3 training,
  Over four hours of training included, instructed by: Nicholas Pellegrino.
You can also watch the training online. click here to open the training menu.]
45 example & project scenes
snowFlake v2 | see details
MetaNodes Included Training: Training Resolution: Example Scenes: Download File Size
147 + Setups 4 hours 21 minutes 1080p HD (MP4 format) 45 scenes (.vue) 892 MB (.zip)
  Featured v3 animation tools. (TimeMorpher and TimeCycle)
Terrain & Material Animation using TimeMorpher - Auto Airplane velocity & air turbulence.
Camera loose tracking & switching track targets
Animated Snow Cover using TimeMorpher & SlopeDistortion Dynamic objects using TimeCycle+TimeMorpher
  Included Training Lessons & Project Screen Shots
  Watch FREE snowFlaKe v3 training online (Downscaled to 720p and optimized for online viewing)
Setup & Installation
EcoSystem Randomization
Eco Material Variance
Instance Seed
+ Eco Material Variance
Instance Seed - Distribution
Animated Functions & Graphs
TimeMorpher - Auto
(Terrain & Material Animation)
Animated Snow Cover
Dynamic Graphs & Animation
Airplane velocity
& switching track targets
Air Turbulence & loose tracking
Numeric Filters
Procedural Terrain Filtering
using Advanced Zero Edges
Advanced Material Alphas
+ Slope Distortion
Installation Contents TimeMorpher - Morph Chain setup Deforestation node setup on Ecosystem vegetation EcoSystem before adding Deforestation
EcoSystem after Deforestation EcoMaterial Variance Material Setup Instance Seed and Material Variance on EcoSystem Rocks Instance Seed
Instance Seed - Distribution usage on mixed material TimeMorpher procedural terrain animation - preview TimeMorpher setup in procedural terrain altitude function TimeMorpher controlling material slope - preview
Animated snow layer setup Airplane MorphChain Using TimeCycle to control airplane velocity Airplane at mid orientation morph transition
Airplane animation graph Advanced Zero Edges setup in procedural terrain Advanced Zero Edges setup in procedural terrain Advanced Zero Edges setup in procedural terrain
Before adding Slope Distortion filter Slope Distortion material setup After using slope distortion Slope Distortion alpha on a procedural terrain
  New tools in snowFlaKe version 3
   (Click on Node Group to display tool information)
  Dynamics and Animation Controllers
  Dynamic Camera Controllers
  Dynamic Texture Controllers
  Material Color Operations
  Numeric Filters for Material Functions
  Environment Sensitive Numeric Filters for Material Functions
  Terrain Filters
  EcoSystem Material Distribution
  EcoSystem Controllers
  Function and Graph Conversions
  MetaNode Containers (Improved organization of previously released node groups)
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