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Vue 8 Terrain Workshop
Vue 8 Terrain Workshop
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Instructor Run Time Media Format Video Resolution Download File Size
Nicholas Pellegrino 8 hours MP4 1000 x 560 729 MB (.zip)

Sculpting Workflow & Techniques + Terrain Creation Techniques for Vue 8+.

Includes dozens of scene files, a companion reference guide (including additional techniques and technical references), filters, textures, tools, and more! Reference guide provided in PDF and HTML formats with the option to display directly in the html training menu.

To learn more about the lessons and projects in this training. Below you will find video screen shots, scene images, and some of the main topics covered in each part of the training. You can also use the topic jumps found below to navigate.

Training Lessons
Click on a lesson to jump to the lesson description.
Sculpting Workflow & Techniques Terrain Creation Techniques
1. Understanding Terrains
2. Layer Anatomy & Reset Operations
3. Procedural Sculpting & Zones
4. Sculpting & Displacement Mapping
5. Rivers
6. Erosion
7. Procedural Layering
8. Fractal Distribution Techniques
Additional screen shots & renders Terrain Workshop Reference Guide
1.) Understanding Terrains
Run Time: 111 minutes
A two part lesson, covering sculpting operations and workflow techniques.
Topics in this training lesson:
Avoiding geometry & material tears
Creating overhangs
Making filters for specialized brushes
Sculpting techniques
Rounding square textures
3D brush detailing without large polygon counts.
Working with Textures
Fixing geometry & material tears
Ridge and overhang techniques
Limitations and workarounds
Managing material distributions
Understanding Geometry
Managing effects
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2.) Layer Anatomy and Reset Operations
Run Time: 56 minutes
Topics in this training lesson:
Understanding the individual layers of terrain geometry
Breaking down terrain layers
Erosion techniques
Independent layer modification & manipulation
Independent reset operations per geometry layer
Terrain export & import techniques
Useful techniques and operations
Checking for errors
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3.) Procedural Sculpting and Zone Techniques
Run Time: 54 minutes
Topics in this training lesson:
Zone sculpting
Independent displacement layers
Alternate zone techniques
Matching terrains & materials
Managing 3d displacement geometry
Fading techniques
Avoiding errors and terrain tears
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4.) Sculpting and Displacement Mapping
Run Time: 61 minutes
Topics in this training lesson:
Pure 3D displacement sculpting (Terrain creation using only the displacement layer & 3d tools)
Customizing material displacements
Customizing fractals & noises for better displacements
Baking order to achieve the best results
Refining materials
Matching bump to fix render errors & reduce overly-high polygon counts.
Lighting techniques
Material methods
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5.) Rivers
Run Time: 50 minutes
Topics in this training lesson:
Adding river systems to any procedural terrain
Customizing river banks and material links
Using and customizing the sea
Adding additional foam layers
Using the sea level to control material layers
Water surface techniques for better renders
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6.) Erosion Techniques
Run Time: 22 minutes
Topics in this training lesson:
Standard terrain generation
Erosion effects
Combinations and results
Terrain Options fractal generator
Techniques to enhance erosion effects on terrains and materials
Using the procedural mode tools to apply specialized operations on standard terrains
Sequence steps & techniques
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7.) Procedural Layering Techniques
Run Time: 64 minutes
Topics in this training lesson:
Taking advantage of procedural terrains to control erosion effects.
Procedural erosion workflow techniques
Effectively applying erosion effects to procedural terrains
Controlling erosion effects with fractal origin
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8.) Fractal Distribution & custom strata filtering
Run Time: 43 minutes
Topics in this training lesson:
Alternate strata methods and terrain mixing
Material distribution techniques
Terrain/material graph connections
Terrain fractal customization & settings
Mixed and Layered material setups
Customized numeric filter chains
Filtering techniques
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Additional Screen shots & Renders
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Terrain Workshop Reference Guide
Written by: Nick Pellegrino
Technical overviews of all terrain types, their geometry structure, and helpful information.
Complete Reset Operation Reference:
How to reset the individual geometry layers without loss of data.
Procedural Standard Terrains:
Alternate standard terrains with procedural terrains. Exceeding the 4096 x 4096 terrain import limitation. Removing the block pixel look caused by using images to control procedural terrains while doubling (or more) image resolutions with node setups. (includes metanode tool)
“Add function” scale reference to avoid “picture” import format limitations.
Normal Mapping and Terrain Baking Tips
Geometry layer references, when and how they are active in each terrain type.
Lighting techniques.
Creating your own infinite terrains.
Zone mapping tips.
Graph output techniques and information.
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Suggested Knowledge Level:
No previous knowledge of Vue required.
System Requirements:
CPU: 1.5 GHz +
Memory: 512 MB +
HD Space: 1 GB +
Any browser capable of running Flash Player 9+.
Navigation and menus are HTML.
Video files may be run with a media player.
(See Installation and Codecs for more information about the MP4 format)

Mozilla Firefox and Flash 10 are recommended but not required.
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