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Lesson 1
Removing Shadows and Light Occlusion
  Learn techniques for quick shadow and highlight removal.
  Learn to balance color and create consistent maps.
  Remove dark or black areas of photographs, without destroying color hues.
  Overlay multiple photographs and match colors for complex texture designs.
Lesson 2
Texture Matched Custom Brushes
  Learn to create custom brushes to match the style and patterns within your source photographs.
  Use the advanced brush tools to quickly remove seems or refine your textures.
  Learn to use advanced clone stamping techniques, and increase the quality and productivity time of your texture creations.
Lesson 3
Realistic Wood Textures from Scratch
  Create wood textures from scratch.
  Learn UV mapping techniques for wood materials.
  Create color, diffusion, specular, and bump maps.
Lesson 4
Designing Science Fiction Textures
  Learn useful techniques for creating mechanical science fiction textures.
  Create both alien circuitry type textures, and complex paneling.
  System Requirements:

CPU: 1.5 GHz +

Memory: 512 MB +
HD Space: 1.5 GB +
Any browser capable of running Flash Player 10+.
Mozilla 3 and Flash Player 10 are recommended.
Training Menu and videos are run through a single HTML file.

Suggested Knowledge Level:
For Beginner to Advanced users.

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