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Nicholas Pellegrino 3h 30m MP4 \ Flash 1280 x 720 px (720p) 847 MB (.zip)

Vue 10.5 introduces some exciting new features to the Vue community; with What's New in Vue 10.5, you will learn to harness the full power of Vue and unlock your artistic potential.

This product includes a variety of project based training lessons and technical overviews of Vue 10.5's new features.

In addition to the training videos, this training product also includes a host of 3D content to aid in the learning process. (270 MB included content files)


Chapter List


  • Camera Management & Navigation 5:47


  • EcoSystem Stacking 28:41
  • Volumetric EcoSystem Stacking 13:53
  • Painter 5:56
  • VOB Object Generation 14:51
  • Rock Populations 8:27
  • Instance Scale 9:33


  • Terrain Fractal v2 33:48

    Materials & Functions

  • Rock Convexity Input Node 15:42
  • Terrain Color Patterns 11:44
  • Multi-Image Sampler 18:33

    Spline | Editing & Creation

  • Splines Tangents 7:08
  • Spline Re-sample and Roll 5:43

    Spline | EcoSystem Effect

  • Instance Alignment to Splines 29:47


  • Vertical instance placement while using spline rotation.
  • Adding rows of animated wind turbines to a terrain with splines.
  • Wind turbine object part animation setup.
  • Volumetric instance stacking.
  • Using ecosystem stacking to create foliage on leafless trees and limit visible instances to tree branches.
  • EcoSystem layer stacking techniques.
  • Using color reversal with the EcoSystem Painter.
  • Creating various procedural terrains with the Terrain Fractal v2.
  • Distributing materials with Terrain Fractal v2 outputs.
  • Designing materials with the Terrain Color Patterns node.
  • Changing the vector scale of the Terrain Color Patterns node.
  • Using and customizing VOB object generators for plants and rocks.
  • Scene unit scale impact on instance scale.
  • Changes to rock object pivot points while populating.
  • Getting the most out of the Rock Convexity input node.
  • Distributing animated texture sequences across surface normals.
  • Hanging vine stacked EcoSystems.
  • Colorizing vegetation with Terrain Color Patterns.

Additional screen shots

Suggested Knowledge Level:
E-on Certified Training
No prior knowledge of Vue is required for this training.
Playback Requirements:
CPU: 1.5 GHz +
Memory: 512 MB +
HD Space: 1 GB +
Any browser capable of running Flash Player 11+, HTML 5 compatible browser, or any media player capable of playing MP4 video.
Navigation and menus are HTML.
Video files may be run with a media player.
(See Installation and Codecs for more information about the MP4 format)

Mozilla Firefox and Flash 11+ are recommended but not required.
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