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Vue 5 Tips n Tricks 2
$40.00 $30.00

121 Minutes 1024 x 768 QuickTime 248 MB

Think you know everything about Vue 5 Infinite?
Well, here´s a little more for you.

Is there something in Vue you don´t know how to create,
here´s your chance to learn a little more.

In the Vue 5 Infinite - Tips n´ Tricks series you will learn how to
go more in depth with Vue´s tools and use them for things
you may have not thought to use them for.
Get the most out of Vue 5i with Tips n´ Tricks 2.

Tutorial Instructed by: Nicholas Pellegrino

Chapter Names :

Alpha Planes - Billboards
Custom Eco Systems - Reeds in Water
Don´t be Afraid of Post
Layers Panel
Object Replacment Tricks
Swamp Trees_A
Swamp Trees_B
The Material Summary
Time Laps Scenes_A
Time Laps Scenes_B
Tree Customization - Dead Leaves on Ground
Wind Options - Tree Shaping - UFO Scene
XFrog Plants - 3rd Party Objects

Suggested Knowledge Level: Should be familiar with the basic functions of Vue 5 Infinite. It is suggested that you view Getting Started w/ Vue 5 Infinite first. Bundle deals available.

Run Time: 121 Minutes (Approx 2 Hours)

Tutorial videos are 1024 x 768 pixel resolution.
Tutorial Presented in the QuickTime 7 Format.

Vue 2016 Terrain Workshop
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