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Vue 7 introduced a vast number of new features to the application. Many of the new features of Vue 8 are dependent on these new additions. This training in an in-depth look at everything new, and includes very important information for users upgrading from 6 or lower. This training also includes xStream integration training, an introduction to understanding how Vue 7 and 8 xStream operate through the integration pipeline.

Vue 7 makes it possible to create dynamically infinite 3D worlds, with drastically improved render quality and speed. xStream is now fully integrated into all compatible applications, giving you the ability to create 3D worlds directly in your favorite 3D app. What's New in Vue 7, is the perfect way to dive into these new features, and get the most out of your vue scenes.
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Training Outline and Lesson Topics
General Improvements
Internal Unit
Vue Browser
Multiple Sessions
One Click Hide
Compression Defaults
Error Reports & Rescue Attempts
Macros & Automation
Slope Influence
Ecosystem Painter
Dynamic Population
Function Editor
Large text display
Connectable Constants
New Color Nodes
Smooth Threshold Filter
Terrain Perlin Noise
Render Engine
Indirect Lighting Solution
Shadow Smoothing
Cameras & Navigation
Zoom on mouse wheel
Ctrl hotkey
Height Lock
Height Lock Animation
Advanced Camera Options
Bump Channel
Dependent on Slope
Slope Coordinates
Fractal Nodes
Stretch Damping
2nd Output (Roughness)
Grainy Fractal
Terrain Fractal
Customizing Surface Options
Terrain Creation Commands
Infinite Terrains
New (Seed) and Save
World Coordinates
River Valley Erosion
Sun Light Control
Spectral Clouds v2
Object Graphs
Custom Dependencies
Custom UI
Volumetric Integration
Vue Proxy
xStream Painter
Common Commands

What's New in Vue 7 Infinite xStream, is perfect for current Vue users migrating to version 7, or users with a background in 3D.

  System Requirements:

CPU: 1.5 GHz +

Memory: 512 MB +
HD Space: 1 GB +
Any browser capable of running Flash Player 9+.
Mozilla 3 and Flash Player 10 are recommended.
Training Menu and videos are run through a single HTML file.
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