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Advanced Material Creation $45.00
288 Minutes 1024 x 768 QT7 697MB

Instructor Nicholas Pellegrino, will show you everything you need to know to create materials in Vue 6 Infinite/XStream.

Almost 5 hours of in depth training.

Learn every setting and every tool in the Material Editor.
Understand mapping modes, which to use, and when.
Learn all about volumetric materials and hypertextures.
Explore displacement mapping options, dispersion, and sub surface scattering.
Learn to create functions for controlling colour, bumps, transparency,
highlights, and more.
Create advanced functions to create landscape materials.
Use layers and environmental setting to create amazingly realistic materials.
Learn to use mixed materials, and control them with functions.

Includes an HTML Autorun Menu UI for easy navigation through the tutorial.

View screen shots from this training product: (Image sizes may be reduced)
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