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Product Update - April 3rd 2009
Users with openGL refresh issues, or dynamic update problems at render time, when using the controller node; can make the following changes to fix most issues. Click here to watch the video.
Learn to dynamically control and animate any extractable function operation in Vue 7 Infinite and xStream.

Learn to create a complex MetaNode controller, and learn how and why it works.

Then learn to use the node in a scene, and create a complex animation with a procedural terrain, and its mixed material.
Outline and Overview
Introduction and Overview
Start out by taking a look at how the controller node works, and how it can be used to perform complex operations within scenes in Vue 7.
Building the Controller Node
Learn how to create MetaNodes, and build and extremely versatile object dependent controller node. Use and test the node throughout the stages of its development. Break down vector information into controllable number ranges, and add internal unit flexibility.
Building the Controller Node - Increasing Pure Vector Control
Add a sensitivity range control to the controller node's vector output. Optimize this control with the pre-origin position starting point offset, created in the previous section.
Node Application - Animating Functions

Now it's time to put the node to good use and animate a procedural terrain and its material. Control the origin of a blender ratio fractal, and animate the terrain eroding and morphing over time. Learn to connect the same function to the material, for a perfect animated match. Use the created range output, to increase the scale of the "Largest Feature" over time.

Terrain Refresh Macro

Learn to create a macro to refresh a procedural terrain, assign a keyboard shortcut to it, and improve performance when working with procedural terrains.

The Controller MetaNode

Suggested Knowledge Level:
Beginner > Advanced

Should have a basic understanding of the Vue 6 or 7 user interface, terrains and materials.

  System Requirements:

CPU: 1.5 GHz +

Memory: 512 MB +
HD Space: 1 GB +
Any browser capable of running Flash Player 9+.
Mozilla 3 and Flash Player 10 are recommended.
Training Menu and videos are run through a single HTML file.
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