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Basics of the Function Editor $45.00 $35.00
220 Minutes 1200 x 750 QT7 432MB


Are you confused and/or perplexed by the way Vue's Function Editor works?

Do you want to take control of the Function Editor to create amazing scenes?

In AsileFX | Basics of the Function Editor, you'll learn to:

Create materials based on slope and altitude, and understand the way input
and output nodes work.
Create a dynamic foamy water shoreline with input and filter nodes.
Understand interpolation methods as you work with Texture Maps, and learn
to blend image based textures with procedurals.
Create a planet using combiner and color nodes, along with the many filter nodes
Create and modify procedural terrains and learn about the many features within
fractal nodes.

All that and more with over 3 and a half hours of Function Editor training,
instructed by Nicholas Pellegrino.

This training can be used with any version of Vue that has the Function Editor.

Includes an HTML Menu UI for easy navigation through the tutorial.

View screen shots from this training product: (Image sizes may be reduced)
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