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What's New in Vue 11        Price: $59.00 $49.00   Delivery Options:

Explore the new features in Vue 11 with nearly 5 hours of training instructed by Nicholas Pellegrino.

Weather Effects
  • Rain and Snow Techniques  17:58
  • Emission Delays | Wall Effect  49:35
  • UI and Workflow  9:29
  • EcoSystem Painter  19:05
Terrains & Painted Alphas
  • Material Painting  11:51
  • Zone Material Painting  13:35
Materials | Functions & Graphs
  • Shared Material Layers  7:33
  • Parameter Publishing  4:19
  • Geometry Effects | Castle Wall  17:52
EcoSystem Particles
  • Particle Emissions Overview  17:39
  • Introduction to Particle Sprites  34:36
  • Custom Smoke Sprites  53:02
  • Dependent Particle Emissions  38:25

Training Contents

   Instructor Run Time Media Format Video Resolution Download File Size
   Nicholas Pellegrino 4h 55m MP4 / Flash 1280 x 720 px (720p) 705 MB (.zip)
Weather Effects
Rain and Snow Techniques
  • Customize weather precipitation controls & particle characteristics.
  • Edit particle precipitation materials.
  • Learn to use Atmospheric Particle Collision density to layer snow onto surfaces at the rate of snowfall, and add wetness effect layers for rainfall.
Emission Delays | Wall Effect
  • Design function based controls to create storm-front effects and limit rainfall coverage through the precipitation area.
  • Create a start delay for Vue rain matching the rain's velocity.
  • Design materials functions to create falling water patterns.
  • Limit how close weather effects can render near the camera, preventing giant rain or snow showing in the render.
  • Add per instance variability and randomization to precipitation (rain/snow) materials.
UI and Workflow
  • Get up to speed with the workflow enhancements added to ecosystem generation.
  • 360 degree population usage in EcoSystems and Particle Systems
  • Save time by learning to bypass instance preview updates after making changes to EcoSystem materials.
EcoSystem Painter
  • Manage instance selections with the EcoSystem Painter
  • Explore the new EcoSystem painter and all it has to offer.
  • Design custom EcoSystem brushes using the effectors menu
Terrains & Layer Painting
Material Painting
  • Generate procedural masks using the Materials Editor's environment tab controls.
  • Use the Terrain Editor's material alpha preview to create detailed freeze masks.
  • Learn several useful techniques to get the most out of the new alpha painting tools in the terrain editor.
  • Paint directly on the layer_painting procedural mask.
Zone Material Painting
  • Non-destructive zone painting, preserve your underlying layers.
  • Create advanced material mixes with the layer_painting metanode.
  • Learn to prevent Vue from overwriting changes made to the terrain layer_painting metanode.
  • Use the environment attenuation material output to override the material layer alpha boost.
  • Learn efficient ways to manage zone painted layers, allowing better design control and flexibility.
  • Learn pre-painting setups for material alpha channels for more control over the procedural alpha layer.
Materials | Functions & Graphs
Shared Material Layers
  • Learn to use the new shared material layers to add snow cover to objects through out your scenes.
  • Share and link material layers between EcoSystem instances.
Parameter Publishing
  • Usage for changes and additions to parameter extraction and function driven outputs.
  • Edit inputs using the new Function Parameter menu.
Geometry Effects | Castle Wall
  • Create castle walls with displaced spline objects. (techniques can also be used to create displaced river systems with a flow direction relative to the spline.
  • Create a UV tiling function for Spline materials, controlling the amount of times a texture map is repeated per vector.
EcoSystem Particles
Particle Emissions Overview
  • Emission flow and Hz particle generation controls.
  • Defining particle to object collision relationships.
  • Use functions to control particle instance velocity.
Introduction to Particle Sprites
  • Global Particle Configuration usage and control.
  • Learn to properly setup objects for use as camera oriented sprites (dos and don'ts of sprite rendering).
  • Use the evolution controls to generate a variety of particle effects.
Custom Smoke Sprites
  • Design custom smoke sprites using imported objects and advanced normal mapping functions.
  • Create a billowing smoke emitter system.
  • Design animated material functions, with the ability to define Color, Opacity, or any channel, from birth to death, and everything in-between.
  • Apply per particle rotations to particle texture maps
  • Use particle dependent relationships to animate materials.
Dependent Emissions
  • Animate collision objects to displace, destroy, impact, or emit particles.
  • Understanding surface evaluation of normals for accurate control of emission flow and density.
  • Learn to control particle size and weight relationships.
  • Use the particle render modes to blur particles, align instance orientations to the path of velocity, and merge instances into MetaBlobs.
  • Learn to control child particle emissions and learn to balance the scaling and weighting differences caused by parent layer scaling.
  • Explore the Particle Characteristics interface options to precisely control how a particle behaves.
  • Create fixed Particle populations that interact completely with Vue's physics engine.
Suggested Knowledge Level:
e-on Software
Certified Training

No prior knowledge of Vue is required for this training.
Playback Requirements:
Any browser capable of running Flash Player 11+, HTML 5 compatible browser, or any media player capable of playing MP4 video.
  • CPU: 1.5 GHz +
  • Memory: 512 MB +
  • HD Space: 1 GB +
Navigation and menus are HTML. Video files may also be played with most media players.
(See Installation and Codecs for more information about the MP4 format)

Mozilla Firefox and Flash 11+ are recommended but not required.
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