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Explore various techniques with Vue Master Nicholas Pellegrino.

Tornado Lessons:
Learn to use Vue's Spectral Cloud Modulation to create an animated customizable tornado controlled dynamically with material and object graphs. Darken clouds and scene atmospherics with advanced volumetric lighting.

Normal Mapping Lessons:
Create and manage normal maps on Vue's native rock objects. Techniques also apply to baked terrains and mesh objects. Includes photoshop techniques for creating seamless texture maps.

Material Technique Lessons:
Create a numeric light direction input node compatible with all material outputs; similar to the incident light angle input node, but is compatible with more than highlight outputs; allows you to create a completely custom material shader dependent on the ray angle when it hits the object's normal.
Setup camera projected texture maps and force the use of the openGL texture display.

Misc Techniques:
Properly align material altitudes on procedural terrains, properly convert procedural terrains to standard terrains (allowing more control over erosion effects), force procedural terrain Z scale to correct values. Learn to customize all default materials and channel displays. Create a 3x3 grid display for the camera viewport.

Compatible training for Vue 10 & 10.5 xStream, Infinite, Complete, Studio, and Esprit
Includes examples scene files and content for Vue 10 and higher.

Instructor Run Time Media Format Video Resolution Download File Size
Nicholas Pellegrino 2h 25m MP4 1920 x 1080 312 MB (.zip)
Training Lessons
Cloud Modulation
Advanced Volumetric Lighting
Normal Mapping Techniques
Normal Mapping Rock Objects
Rendering Normal Maps
Making Seamless Textures (Photoshop)
Rendering Rock Normals
Material Techniques

Light Diffuse Shader

Camera Projected Texture Maps
Misc Techniques
Terrain Force Extension Control
Customizing Default Materials
Rule of thirds Camera display grid
Suggested Knowledge Level:
E-on Certified Training
No prior knowledge of Vue is required for this training.
Playback Requirements:
CPU: 1.5 GHz +
Memory: 512 MB +
HD Space: 1 GB +
Any browser capable of running Flash Player 9+. Or any media player capable of playing MP4 video.
Navigation and menus are HTML.
Video files may be run with a media player.
(See Installation and Codecs for more information about the MP4 format)

Mozilla Firefox and Flash 10 are recommended but not required.
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