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LWCAD 2.5 Complete $49.00 $34.00
279 Minutes 1024 x 768 QT7 678MB


LWCAD 2.5 is, by far, the best toolset extensions for LightWave 3D´s Modeler. LWCAD makes it easy to create a vast number of architectural designs, and also adds several tools that replace native and outdated LightWave Tools.

LWCAD 2.5 Complete contains almost 5 hours of LWCAD training,
instructed by Nicholas Pellegrino.

The first 14 chapters include the instruction of all the LWCAD tools available, and how to use each and every one of them, to get the most out of your 3D models. After this direct approach is taken, the 15th chapter, which is broken up into 3 parts, will show you how you can create an apartment from the included floor plan.

You'll start out by sizing and positioning the floor plan, to match up with real scale units.
Learn to create the walls with the help of advanced snapping options, and using the new 3D wall tool.

Then you'll move on to using even more of the new features of LWCAD, to add doors and windows to your model.

Once the base model is completed, you will learn how to create trim accents for all of your rooms, finishing off the model.

Chapter 1: The Snap Panel and Primitives (32:39)
Explore than many features of the "Snap Panel", with full instruction and examples of every option.
Learn to use the basic primitive tools to create a variety of shapes, and learn to understand the numerous numeric options that expand throughout most LWCAD tools.
Chapter 2: Primitives II (15:24)
Take your shape creation even further, with more complex designs, and explore the 1D and 2D shape library tools.
Chapter 3: Shape Library (10:28)
Learn to create custom shapes for the 1D and 2D libraries. Adding almost limitless possibilities for the creation of two dimension shapes.
Chapter 4: Edit (10:00)
Explore the various edit tools, that give you the ability to modify shapes in a manner previously only found in major drafting applications.
Chapter 5: Mass Edit (14:48)
Learn to edit LWCAD curves on a global level, modifying a large number of objects in the same manner, and all at the same time.
Chapter 6: Convert (14:00)
-Understand how you can easily switch between native and LWCAD curves, to give you the most control possible over your modeler creations.
Learn how you can easily turn your 2D shapes into elaborate 3D models.
Chapter 7: Analyze (2:33)
Learn to manage and measure your curves, with the interactive Analyze tools available in LWCAD.

Chapter 8: Snap Modify (10:01)
Easily move, scale, and rotate your creations, and understand LWCAD snapping relationships, with tools that will completely replace the native LW tools.
Chapter 9: Snap Multiply (13:15)
Explore how you can quickly create multilevel buildings, clone multiple objects along curves, use the advanced snapping mirror tool, and so much more.
Chapter 10: Drill (7:56)
Acquire the knowledge needed to create interactive real-time booleans, slices, and cuts; Either by using the provided shapes, or customizing your own.
Chapter 11: Archi (Architecture) Basic (16:06)
Gain and understanding of the new Wall, Floor/Ceiling, Roof, and Stair tools.
Chapter 12: Archi (Architecture) Detail (41:10)
Learn to use the new Window, Door, and Fence tool. Then learn to create your own custom objects to add to the their connecting libraries.
Chapter 13: Polygon Detail (12:29)
Create complex and detailed objects, when you learn to use the Engraver and Profiler tools to their fullest.
Chapter 14: Fix Polygons (8:33)
- Learn how to correct polygons and display errors, with Fix Polygons 2, Make Quad, Make Convex, and the famous Cap Hole 2 tools.
Chapter 15, Parts 1 - 3: Working from a Floor Plan (16:42) (33:04) (17:38)
Model an apartment/flat from the ground up. Add windows, doors, and create accurate decorative trim object details.
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