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Installation and Media Codecs
Installation of Electronically Delivered Products (.ZIP file extension)
All asileFX products are delivered electronically via ZIP files. A zip file is a container for files, similar to an operating system folder. Unlike folder directories, zip files are a single file and will require an application to extract the files within. When extracting the files from asileFX downloaded zips, it is extremely important that options to preserve the folder structure are enabled (normally on by default in most applications.) Zip files can also be used to compress data and reduce file sizes. asileFX zip files are NEVER compressed, since images and video files are typically compressed using media codecs, additional compression would reduce the quality of the product.
Many operating systems will not need an additional application to extract the files within a zip. However, if one is needed there are several to choose from.
Recommended Zip File Extractors:
If you are unable to use the provided zip files, please contact us with the desired file type and we can arrange a new download.
About Codecs:
When video and audio files are saved, a codec is chosen to manage the data output. Codecs are used for both compressed and uncompressed audio and video files.
Codecs are related to file formats, like mp3, mov, avi, and so on... but, multiple codecs can be used to save the same format. Because of this, the ability to play a format does not guarantee the video files will play, and in some cases a codec must be installed on the system.
Listed below are the media players that can be used to play the video files for asileFX training products. Some training has been changed, and updated, over the course of its life. Please check the format of the video files and compare to the list of acceptable media players.
Required Video Codecs
QuickTime or QT Alternative
Flash 9+ Flash 10+ suggested or QuickTime or QT Alt
Flash 8+
Media Players
    .avi .mov .mp4 .flv
QuickTime Player  
QT Alternative  
VLC Player  
Flash for Web Browser  
Adobe Media Player  
Divx Player  
Windows Media Player *Note: Can play .mov with QT Alternative Installed
How do I play the training?
Most training includes an html file, or a set of html files used to play the training. The file will be in the main directory and named one of the following:
(the product name) (PLAY) (PLAY_productname) (AUTORUN) (MainMenu) (Tutorial_Menu) (MAIN_Tutorial_Menu)
Video files for older products (or if you do not want to run the training through your web browser) can be opened manually. Video files will be found in the directory with one of the following names:
(Training) (Tutorial) (Tutorials) (MenuSource)
.mov file issues - screen black, no audio, no video, video skips, poor video quality
Try installing QT Alternative and/or VLC Player.
If you own the CD or DVD version, copy all files to your HD.
If you downloaded the training product, write the files to a CD/ DVD, or try re-downloading the training.
In the QuickTime Player options, turn on safe mode.
If you are still unsuccessful, please contact asileFX.
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